I’m off to a festival about cycle touring

I’m not a very experienced cycle tourer. The most I have managed is a couple of days away in Arran, a weekend in Perthshire and a little adventure in Skye. But now that I’ve enjoyed some tiny tours on the bike, I’ve come to realise that I have been bitten by the bug and I want to explore more and more and more.

Cycle Touring Festival

To that end, I have signed up to the Cycle Touring Festival at the start of May with my pal Suzanne (she is an excellent tweeter and mad into her bikes so I highly recommend you follow her). It’s the first of its kind and looks to be really fun, in a wellies-and-tent-in-a-muddy-field kind of way.

I haven’t been camping since 2006, when I went to the Lake District for a long weekend with a since extinguished flame. Some of my enduring memories include the inconvenience of a midnight pee, breaking the kettle and cooking sausages on a microscopic stove. Of course, this time the camping will be all sunshine and rainbows, not least because there will be bicycles involved. Whenever bicycles are involved everything is alright with the world.

I’m looking forward to listening to the inspiring speakers talk about their globe-trotting travels, while I sit slack-jawed and wonder how they avoid knee problems. The deserts, ice and jungle stuff is all really impressive, and I suspect there will be some excellent beards on show to complement the high adventure.

Are you interested in seeing the world on two wheels and/or beards? You should come.


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