Month: February 2014

Hello there

Welcome to my brand new blog.

My name is Claire and I love to ride my bike. This blog is the place where I can write about life as a girl on a bike, Edinburgh riding and anything else bike that floats my boat. I don’t do lycra, am utterly appalling with maintenance and I am quite the opposite of fast. However, I do want to be an independent woman that can take care of my two-wheeled steed. I suppose this blog will chronicle my attempts to get there!

I’ve been pootling around the fair streets of Edinburgh since March 2012, when the daily bus commute just became too much. The endless traffic jams, sneezing passengers and constant shifting of Metros to empty seats took their toll and I decided there had to be another way. And of course there was. After a quick rummage at the Bike Station I emerged triumphant with a delightful old £80 bike that did me proud for a year and a half.

the boneshaker

The humble kick stand. Greatest bike invention ever?

This old love is still doing the rounds with friends to give them a taste of life on a bike and is an emergency back up, but I invested in a new hybrid in August 2013 on the Bike to Work Scheme and haven’t looked back since.

me and my bike

Step-thru frame so I don’t feel like I’m mounting a horse.

So I pretty much cycle everywhere, in all weathers and up all the Edinburgh hills (of which there are many). It’s wonderful and liberating and also extremely cheap. Oh, and very good for the leg muscles. So do join me on my bicycle adventures around the city and perhaps further afield!

  • Best bike achievement to date: Successfully fixing a puncture solo. Ignore that it wasn’t actually a puncture and the inner just needed pumped up. Ignore that.
  • Biggest bike fail to date: Waffling on about turbo chargers in the bike shop. They’re actually called turbo trainers. Who knew? Also possibly my habit of falling off quite a lot.
  • Weekly average mileage: About 60 miles-ish.
  • Cycle loves: Going downhill but not too fast, sunny days, tail winds (rarities in Edinburgh). Excuse to eat body weight in cake.
  • Cycle hates: Head winds, potholes, tram lines, COBBLES (all of these usually appear in quick succession in Edinburgh).
  • Personal bike campaigning objective: Get more ladies cycling. It’s amazing, fun and not enough women do it. Also, find bike clothing that isn’t pink or manly or radioactive-looking. I’m not sure which objective is more difficult…